Co-founder of the first NFT marketplace for music '', Lucas Mayer is a Brazilian composer and music producer who runs his studios in São Paulo, Berlin, and NYC. 2021 Latin Grammy Nominee, he's been producing soundtracks for 20 years, plays guitar in a band that plays only songs denied by advertising clients called The Client Said No, and traveled around the world recording albums on the streets [documented in his project 'Le Tour Du Monde' and screened on Discovery Channel Latin America]. Amidst of it all, he produced "The Uncensored Playlist," the most awarded music project in LIA [London International Awards], winning Titanium and fifteen Cannes Lions more, two Grand Clio Music in 2021, gold and GP at Clio Festival, El Ojo de IberoaméricaD&AD Impact, amounting more than 200 music awards last three years.